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About Tape

oktober 30, 2014

About Tape has been created in the framework of LABO #3 of Champ d’Action in collaboration with visual artist Anneleen De Causmaeker. The project was awarded the Labo prize and the What’s next prize, which resulted in 2 other performances, in the museum M HKA, (Antwerp, Belgium) and in Flagey, (Brussels, Belgium).

About tape’ is an interactive installation for tape², dancer and violinist. The basic idea lies in the exporation of the immense sound possibilities of meters fastened and stretched Scotch tape. On this initial idea, the dancer was added who plays on the tape and the space. At the same time, a violinist improvises on his violin, a traditional instrument which interacts and dialogues with the sound. The violinist imitates, creates and makes the sound more concrete. Finally, contact microphones amplify and distort the tapesound produced by the dancer. One described our project like this:

“A space, a dancer and a violinist. A space crossed by plastic tape, being a labyrinth, a perspective study, a ‘non’ existing wall. In this space and with the tape a dancer is dancing. She plays the tape as a special instrument, makes sound by touching, by rubbing and sticking. Contact mics amplify and delicately distort the sound. That way, the dancer is creating sonorous sound clouds and making a co-improvisation with the violinist. Movement influences form, sound reflects on movement, they answer, follow, lead. They create.”